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Taylor Momsen made my day!

Solveig MuusComment
My good friend Alexandra, who is a big fan of the CW hit show, Gossip Girl, sent me this picture of Taylor Momsen, who plays Jenny Humphrey on the show.

Alex was really excited, because she wondered if it was possible that THE Taylor Momsen had possibly found the Silk Road Spirit website, and ordered her scarf from us. I had to admit that the pink cotton scarf Taylor is wearing is not ours, as the scarf has only just arrived in stock, but I wish it was from us -- I'd be thrilled!

Be that as it may, I am happy to say that SRS does now carry Taylor's pink scarf, as well five other rich jewel-toned colors of the same style. I like Taylor in the pink, but I also think she'd be smashing in the cobalt blue scarf.

My apologies in advance to the photographer who took the shot of Taylor -- if I knew who you are, I would gladly give credit where credit is due.