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Outsourcing Advice from the Pros

Solveig Muus1 Comment
Those of you who know me know that my other business, Silk Road Asian Sourcing, helps companies here in the U.S. to develop their products and to find partners overseas to manufacture them. Despite what you may think or feel about outsourcing and overseas production, I do believe that the practice benefits everyone involved -- and not just those greedy U.S. manufacturers who are trying to "take advantage" of those poor, defenseless workers. You can't tell me we are ready to take back all of that manufacturing in the U.S., or that Americans are willing to pay twice as much for a toothbrush, or a pup tent, or a set of kitchen knives.

Anyway, BusinessWeek SmallBiz recently published a Special Report on Outsourcing, and I was quoted in an article titled Outsourcing Advice from the Pros. Check it out!