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The Scarf As the New Necklace

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Rainbow Silk Scarf from Silk Road Spirit

I read an October 30 NY Times article the latest Fall fashion trends. They wrote, "A wisp of a scarf has newfound sartorial appeal, if we are to judge by what we’re seeing on the street and in fashion magazines. At the recent fashion shows, stylish women were chic in breezy scarves in lieu of statement necklaces." Kendall Jenner, in her Vogue debut in September, was turned out in a print scarf and shirt mash-up. And in a fashion layout in the November issue of Glamour, a silk scarf is wrapped under a denim shirt with big necklaces on top. Find one that works for you (SRS has a delightful Rainbow Silk Kerchief you might try), and style it in myriad ways. Twisted and tied as a neckerchief or folded like a choker — either is a good start.