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2015 Color of the Year

Solveig MuusComment
Soup to nuts,  Deep Dreams  to  Frosted Pastels

Soup to nuts, Deep Dreams to Frosted Pastels

It's hopeless, I can't wait any longer. I've been waiting, but unlike years past and with only one month to go, Pantone  the designer's color Meeca  has not yet made its choice for THE color of 2015. Don't ask me why it matters, I'm just curious, I guess. I want to know if Silk Road Spirit has any scarves in the supposedly hot new colors for the year.

Despite Pantone's silence however, paint companies are filling the void.

Benjamin Moore selected "Guilford Green", a light, yellowish and grayish green shade as their main color. They've created a "Trends" collections. From there, they put together smaller collections of shades centering on this featured color to create varied moods and environments: One is all greens from pale to very dark and from grays to pine green. The second group is based upon dark plums, brownish red, black and gray that work with their color. Their array was inspired by California blues (also with grays included), and their final collection is cool:  "Guilford Green" with sandy pink, off whites and pale warm grays.

Sherwin Williams also has a number of palettes to work with all colorful and inspiring. Their collection for 2015 is called "Optimistic Odyssey" it's beautiful and varied.

Farrow and Ball has also selected a group of soft tones including a pale rosy color ("Pink Ground") with a light green and a light blue and a soft, graying — very neutral — brown called "Tanner's Brown".

Along the same lines, Behr Paints (Home Depot) has also decided to introduce a collection of colors rather than one favorite. They have four well-named and well-described sets as well:  "Deep Dreams," "Frosted Pastels," "Social Brights," (including red and orange), and "Nuanced Neutrals."

Why do we let anyone tell us what color is hot, anyway? The good news for you is that apparently, everything is hot, and Silk Road Spirit has the colors, soup to nuts, Deep Dreams to Frosted Pastels. Go ahead... take an Optimistic Odyssey with Silk Road Spirit.